Maria Fyfe on Woman’s Hour

Please listen to former Glasgow MP Maria Fyfe talking about why Mary Barbour deserves recognition, both on the streets of her home city by way of a statue, and in the history books along the other – male – heroes of Red Clydeside.

You can listen to the interview on BBC iplayer – the interview starts about 13 minutes in.

5 thoughts on “Maria Fyfe on Woman’s Hour

  1. Christine Bellamy

    Just heard Maria Fyfe on Woman’s Hour and as it wasn’t mentioned I am wondering if she and the campaign are aware of the film that we – Sheffield Film Co-op – made in 1984 about the Rent Strike and which included an interview with Mary Barbour’s grand daughters. I’m sure you must know as the film is in the Scottish film archive and gets quite a few outings in Scotland. It was called Red Skirts on Clydeside.

    1. sharon thomas

      Hi there Christine- wonderful to have your correspondence…i am the artist that has spent the last year making a print edition for GWL about Mary Barbour leading to this group. Your film is fantastic and was the start of my research about Mary- the interview with her daughters are fab. We certainly need to fly the flag for this film– that GWL are very passionate about…. Very best. Sharon Thomas ( – would be wonderful to add your details to our email database you could certainly email your details via my website…


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