About the Campaign

This website is in support of the Remember Mary Barbour committee which seeks to raise awareness and funds for a lasting memorial to Mary Barbour.

Mary Barbour died, aged 83, in 1958. Her funeral took place at Craigton Crematorium in Govan. On her death Bailie Jack Davis wrote an obituary for the Govan Press in which he said:

“There are women in Govan today who think of Mrs Mary Barbour as one of the great leaders of the Labour Movement who truly represented its spirit and purpose, and I am inclined to agree with them. … Mrs Barbour has been out of the limelight of public affairs in this city for many years now but there never was a more revered and loved local leader than she was in the heyday of her active life.”

The obituary also mentions that “women voluntarily took on hand to do the housework of Mrs Barbour to enable her to devote herself fully to the service of the people” – a practical and unusual tribute.

Her life has already been commemorated in some ways – in the naming of the “Mary Barbour suite” in the Pearce Institute in Govan, the collection of rent strike artefacts such as the rattle on show in the National Museum of Scotland and the film “Red skirts on Clydeside”. The song “Mrs Barbour’s Army” by Alistair Hulett is about Mary Barbour’s organisation of the 1915 rent strike. Mary Barbour was the subject of one of the “Not Forgotten” series of documentaries on Channel Four in 2007. Over 2011 – 2012 Sharon Thomas, a Glasgow-based artist, created a project to document and honour Mary gathering together information and images used in an artwork for the Glasgow Women’s Library.

Direct and forthright, Mary Barbour was a strong, energetic and convincing campaigner who helped to make the world a different place from the one that was in war-torn crisis in 1915. We should remember and commemorate her and the Remember Mary Barbour Campaign aims to raise a statue in her memory.

The Remember Mary Barbour committee is Chair – Maria Fyfe, Vice-Chair – Cllr James Adams (Govan), Vice-Chair – Cllr Stephen Dornan (Govan) and Secretary – Esme Clark (Govan Community Council). Should you wish to make contact please email info@remembermarybarbour.com

4 thoughts on “About the Campaign

  1. mhairi

    Perhaps, I think that a large donation from the The Scottish Government, the STUC and Glasgow City Council would be in order. Govan Housing Association might be interested in making a donation as well, Galgael might be willing to donate some small craftwork for auction, as might the AddAction Art Project in Linthouse. The Peirce Institute will also have connections with a range of local organisations and branches of national ones which can raise funds. Some of the local Govan pubs might be interested in running fundraising and awareness nights, and the National Theatre of Scotland might be interested given their connections to the Govan Shopping Centre as part of their outreach.

    Well done on getting this together – Mary Barbour is an inspiration, particularly in these dark times of the Bedroom Tax.

  2. Helen Ferguson

    Sounds like a fantastic idea. It would be really useful to see more information on this site if possible. What is the plan for the campaign? Is there a proposed design for the statue? Has an artist been commissioned? Is there a location in mind? Who is making these decisions? What is the sum of money that needs to be raised? It’s probably early days, but if you’re asking for funding, it would nice to have something more specific to fund! Best of luck with the campaign – I look forward to seeing it progress.


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