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Esme Clark, Govan Community Council

I wasn’t familiar with Mary Barbour until I moved to Govan. Shocking isn’t it, as I’ve liked in Glasgow all my life. ¬†However 100 years ago, the history books were written by men. ¬†

Comforting to know though, that instead of a footnote in a dusty reference book, Mary Barbour’s memory still lives on in the memories of the people of Govan.

Not just from old photographs either, but in actual memories, taken from sober grannies and grandpas who as young urchins were part of Granny Barbour’s Army and sprinted through the streets to alert the activists at the first sign of trouble.

History may record her activities, and the work she did in the council, but it seems that people remember the warm and loving woman who wanted to see a better future for the people of her community in Govan, for the people of Glasgow and for the nation. I think that’s how Mary Barbour would want to be remembered.