Remember Mary Barbour Campaign Update

There have been great steps forward in our campaign lately.  Cllr Sadie Docherty, the Lord Provost of Glasgow, had the idea of holding a civic reception in the City Chambers to boost our fundraising, and as a result many substantial donations have been coming in, particularly from Glasgow Housing Association.

Sir Alex Ferguson with great generosity donated £5,000, and his turning up at the City Chambers to be photographed signing his cheque drew immense media interest.   Sir Alex, a Govan man himself, told the media that he was a longstanding admirer

Along with the novelist J David Simons, our chair Maria Fyfe took part in an Aye Write event, chaired by Willie Maley, which played its own part in furthering knowledge of the 1915 rent strikers.

With the invaluable assistance of Sarah Munro, of Glasgow Life, Prof Sam Ainslie and our own Sharon Thomas we will shortly be inviting artists to submit their ideas for the statue.   A short list will be created, and each artist will be asked to build a maquette (small statuette) to show what the finished, full sized piece would look like.  The plan is to take the maquettes on tour around Govan and Glasgow to see which gains the most support.

What is key still though is fundraising, whilst we have made great progress there is still a way to go before we have enough to pay for a statue.


Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Remember Mary Barbour Campaign Update

  1. frank baillie

    my late wife (Myra) wrote about Mery Barbour in her studies and spoke highly of her. I would like to make a donation but would want to see the “maquettes” and the committees choice. do you think they will be ready by September when I next visit from Canada. Also where you plan to erect the sculpture ? thanks in anticipation Frank Baillie (

  2. Mike McGinley

    There is a piece in ‘The Southside & East Ren News’ of 30th Oct, about maquettes on display from 17/11 at Elderpark Library.
    Shouldn’t your website have prominent details of:
    – ALL the places & dates of any maquette display?
    – pictures of the five maquettes?

    Mike McGinley

  3. catrionaburness Post author

    Hello – the Remember Mary Barbour Association website now gives details on the five shortlisted artists and the maquette tour. Hope you can come along to see them over the next few weeks.


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